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Immunization Requirement
As of January 1, 2016, a new law known as SB-277 was put into effect that has made changes to the requirements for immunizing students who are attending a public school. SB-277 no longer allows exemptions for vaccinations based on personal beliefs, including religious beliefs for entry into childcare or school in California.  Students who are enrolled in an independent study program with no classroom-based instruction are not required to submit immunization records.

How does SB 277 impact Vista Oaks’ students?
At Vista Oaks, we offer a unique program that is tailored to meet the needs of our various students. Some students do attend onsite enrichment classes and in doing so, are participating in classroom-based instruction. Students who attend an onsite enrichment class will need to continue to submit current vaccination information before entering school.

Some students do not attend onsite enrichment classes and therefore, are not receiving any classroom-based instruction.  Based on SB-277 and in accordance with the guidelines as set on the California Department of Public Health’s Shots for Schools website, Vista Oaks Charter School recognizes the parent/guardian's right to refuse immunizations for their child. In doing so, Vista Oaks cannot provide onsite enrichment services for students that are not fully immunized. Students can continue their traditional homeschooling activities as they have previously. Furthermore, students with an individualized education program (IEP) should continue to receive all necessary services identified in their IEP, regardless of their vaccination status.

Upon enrollment, families and their advisor can discuss an appropriate learning plan to meet the needs of each student.